• Worldwide transportation
  • Logistic services
  • Active in Venezuela and Europe

Logistic Service provider

For all other origins and destinations Orinoco Liner Service is your logistics service provider moving cargo all over the world. The main function of Orinoco Liner Service is to provide personalized, fast and efficient services for each client.

Offering complete monitoring of their cargoes after collect it at their warehouse or the suppliers warehouse. We provide timely information and professional advise on the various transport options available in this magical world of Logistics. We hereby enable our customers to maximize their business opportunities.

We collect cargo in China and deliver directly into Puerto Ordaz by combining our knowledge to collect in Asia and use our partners Europe Caribbean Line to deliver as soon as possible in the nearest port to you. Moving containers from Mexico or any other Caribbean country, directly into a Venezuelan port all possible.

Naturally we will also assist in your export requirements is it one pallet or a large volume call us and we will provide the required information and service offer.

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