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Consorcio Del Aqua San Felix

Port information



San Felix pier is located 15 kms away from Puerto Ordaz city and at mile 179.
Geographic Position: N 08° 23 12” W 62° 39 16”


The berth consist of a floating wharf, 122.37 m long and 19.82 m with, moored 150 m of the bank and connected with two-overhead travelling cranes operation cages able to take a 20ft container, maximum weight should not exceed 12 tons as maintenance is doubtful.

LOA permitted

Max. 120 m

Beam permitted



Low – 20 ft / high 40 ft


2 cranes, 25 mtons
For transport from shore to floating pier

Public / Private



  • On north side, about 3 meters from pier a rock is limiting the draft.
  • There are no shore facilities for loading and discharging, therefore vessel must be fitted with cranes or derricks of a minium of 5 mtons, enabling to place the forklifts inside the holds.

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