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Orinoco Liner Service which start in 2001 as the Liner representative for Europe Caribbean Line b.v. (The Netherlands). Through the years the office formed and grew into a more international logistic service provider.

Orinoco Liner Service is a professional company in the area of International Transports. Present in the Bolivár State of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, and in The Netherlands. We offer international shipping services to / from Europe, Far East (China, India, Japan, South Korea) and closer to home in the Caribbean Basin, all with the option direct arrival / departure at Cuidad Guayana (San Felix, Puerto Ordaz, Palua, Matanzas).

Services Orinoco Liner

Operating between Europe, the Caribbean
and the North Coast of South America.

The main function of Orinoco Liner Service, C.A is to provide personalized, fast and efficient services to each client, offering complete monitoring of their cargoes, providing timely information on their status in order to maximize business opportunities.

About us

Orinoco Liner Service

The services are offered through representing (commercially) shipping lines. In the event other origins or destinations are required Orinoco Liner Service acts as Forwarding Agent for the cargoes not served by there representations.

A variety of transport options can be offered. Services like a LCL operation from Miami to Puerto Ordaz (Palua), or even a complete door to door service, in case the customer requires same.

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